Monthly Archives: September 2009

Good client relationships

To us, and what we do for our client’s comes down to good client relationships. Right from the very start, we really need to have a good understanding as to what you do, or what your business does. If we are to deliver a solution that works, even if it is a logo, or a […]

Doing the books

Today was month end day for us, and we refer to it as doing the books, and thank less task, but a necessary one none the less. It’s done now, and we will go through the process again in 30 days or so. It’s a funny thing to think of it as a task when […]

We have been busy

I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you what we have been up to recently. We have completed a new website for a local Health and Safety company, giving them a new look, and offering a clear structured message to all of their services please review here: Not so long a […]

Free website reviews

At the moment we are offering a free website review for performance and usage. Basically all we ask is you send in your web address, officially asking for it to be reviewed. Soon as we receive it, we will review the site from a technical and marketing point of view, and then offer you feedback. […]

Small steps will improve the bigger picture

Listening to the radio today, BBC 2, the thought of the day, talked about how life was so busy, the stress of financial burdens, the threats of social well being, the issues globally about the war on terror, and so on, we to ask is there actually any time left in a day to worry? […]

Rugby, a winning thing

This weekend, the Springboks won the Tri-Nations, making them the current world number one in rugby rankings. They are the Tri-Nations holders, the current World Champions, they recently beat The British and Irish Lions, they have the title of Super 14 holders (The Bulls), and are also the current IRB World Seven’s champions. Now besides […]

How Much!

The big question we get asked every day, is how much is it going to cost? We encounter a huge variety of challenges as designers, creative situations are thrown at us, and we meet them but the underlying issue today is cost. I often ask my clients what is their budget which is promptly replied […]

Why is my website not number one on Google?

This question is asked by client’s, friends and associates on a regular basis. So why is it not number one? My business would be the best website design agency in the UK, if I could guarantee that soon as the website we built for you was live on the internet it would be the top […]

Keeping up appearances

I was chatting to our copywriter last night, and she was on her way to see one of our client’s today, we started to discuss how great it was to see the effort we have put in over the last 12 months or so really make an impact for this client. We have seen this […]

To begin something new

So I decided to start this blog, as everyone keeps telling me I should, not sure what to write first but lets make a start. I think a group of first’s will do for now. My daughter went back to school today, so it is a first for her too, a new day in year […]