Monthly Archives: December 2010

Set website goals

When building a new website or updating some existing one that needs a rethink, set clear defined goals in mind. Think about why you are going through this process but not from an internal point of view but an external one. By setting out goals that mean a real interest online in your business and […]

Merry Xmas

Dear all I just wanted to wish you all the very best this Festive Season, and  to have a very good New Year. We have posted you all a card to review here:Merry Christmas from Forty49  I shall be back in the new year with some thoughtful and new pearls of wisdom. Richard

Mobile phones and websites

Do designers of websites need to optimise for the mobile device and mobile phone markets?Do we really need to worry?Do clients care about this in their marketing strategies?We cannot deny that mobile devices are more popular than ever, and that as we go forward more and more people will be using them to get online.What […]