Monthly Archives: September 2011

New website

After months of pontificating we’ve finally managed to change our website. We wanted to move from the traditional brochure site to a more interactive bloggy type site, so we could have the ability to manage it regularly and keep the content fresh. After much stumbling around, aimlessly, with the likes of template sites Joomla and […]

Marketing Surgery

Hosted our first marketing surgery yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The format was very informal with 5 representatives from varying companies ranging from a bathroom company to a garment embroidery company. With 5 delegates and 3 of us huddled around a 24″ iMac, Hannah Sookias our branding and social marketing expert fronted the whole event […]

Logo Design

There are four principles that make for a great logo design. A great logo must: • follow solid basic design principles• be functional• represent the company• be unique The fundamentals include, but are not limited to space, colour, form, consistency, and clarity. It is recommended that a design professional have some influence on your logo, […]