Why (and how) you should trust your advertising and design agency!

Forty49 client relationships
Marketing, ad and design agencies all have a vested interest in seeing that their clients are successful.
This is a visual, competitive and increasingly results-driven industry, and agencies will be judged by themselves and their peers on the work that they do. They will sell themselves on that work, and will be hoping for referrals, because as we all know, the best way to gain new business is through word of mouth.
So trust that they will be doing all that they can to turn your requests into success stories- after all,theyreonlyas good asyoulook!
A lot of trust issues seem to emanate from the creative process. According to a study released by RPA and USA today, Nearly all advertising and marketing executives (98%) say that the best work comes when clients trust their agencies, collaborate (94% agencies, 100% clients), and maintain long-standing relationships (84% agencies, 81% clients).
Some of the ways that agency and client can gain ground in better mutual understanding are the following:
Collaborative working practices
Look at the problem from all angles – ours, yours, internally and externally. Share with everyone in the process – client side and agency side. Make the process clear and simple.
Dont assume
Try to work at face value and keep an open mind when approaching new projects and ideas.
Its all in the detail
There can be a yawning gap in the process from a brilliant concept to final execution, and it can all die on the production table. Budgets, deadlines, production values, updates, scheduling and checks all have to be tightly controlled to achieve success.
Communicating – often
Share ideas early on, bring your agency into the internal team network. The more you communicate the more you learn, and the more responsive your agency will be. Be part of a collaborative process and youll definitely get a better result.
Keep positive
Always aim for a job to be the best that it can be, whatever is thrown in the works. Enthusiasm is a great motivator, and look at problems as things that just need to be solved.
Keep things real and youll save yourself a lot of time. Be honest with your opinions and directions and the way you conduct your business.
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