Photography: a real brand booster

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Good photography is one of the strongest drivers in elevating your brand. Our vision is our strongest sense, so its going to make the most impact on us, and we are more likely to respond to it than most other forms of communication.

Great images give us the information to form an opinion about a product or a business on a really emotional level in a matter of seconds.

Elevate your brand
Photography can take your product from mediocrity to magnificent. Beyond mere promotion, it can truly lift the image of a brand, and this is not just for the consideration of the consumer marketer.

B2B marketers such as machinery and equipment manufacturers are becoming more visually competitive, so why do so many of them put photography of their product or offering right at the bottom of their list of priorities, and budget?

When it comes to photography, a piece of works holding machinery or a plumbing fitting should be treated with the same approach you would take to shooting a state of the art motorbike. In the right hands, your product will get a second look, and your brand will become associated with quality, professionalism and a consistent visual identity.

Good photography pays for itself again and again
It makes economical sense too. Like a lot of services we buy, with photography you get what you pay for, but its worth going for the best. Dont forget, you are going to use those images across POS, websites, emailers, in advertising and promotion, brochures and social media, and if they are done well youll be using them for years to come.

If you look at the cost divided by type of media in which youll use them, and for how long youll use them, is it that much to pay? Thats not counting the value it adds to your brand, for which you will reap the reward in increased interest and sales.

Good photography helps you spread the word
Even for B2B marketers, the age of the selfie is making its mark. We are in the age self-branding and we have the digital social platforms to do so. We understand the principles, the same applies with our products. People will share images that enhance the subject matter, that will give a good experience, or may explain something technical more clearly.

Manfacturing marketers often do not have imagery that demonstrates how their products work. Their field is often technical, and good, clear photography would go a long way in encouraging other publishers, and specialists in your field to share and spread the word about your product.

Do you have good photography of your products in their working environment, demonstrating their particular USP or close-ups of special design features. Within any given industry, this type of photography will get shared over and over again, be it to support specials features, case studies and PR with the credit going to your brand.

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