We all love an upgrade

Forty49 loves and upgrade
The latest mobile phone, a better seat on the plane, a new model of car, the latest tablet, even a larger skinny mocha latte. We all love an upgrade!
Most of the time theyre priced pretty right too, because for a bit extra, you get a WHOLE lot more. When it comes to an upgrade of your website its really not always that expensive, but may very well be essential.
Picture it like this, your website is hosted on a box in a room somewhere (this is the server), and like all tech, these boxes, and their software capabilities get older and out of date. This has a direct impact on your website. Tools you once had may stop functioning, or may not work that well, so its not surprising that an upgrade will be needed every now and again.
Your marketing agency may say they want to upgrade the hosting to a new server, or to newer technologies to make sure all your website features are up and functioning at their optimum.
Then comes the fun bit. Upgrading the website functions, design and features. Have a look around at competitor sites, and others that you like for that matter. Ask yourself if they offer what you do in terms of service and products, and how they do it. Do they do something in terms of content, function and engagement that you like? If so, see about an upgrade; I’m not talking a total rebuild, just a facelift, the next model, maybe like BMW does on the current 3 series.
Its an opportunity to do something better.
If you’d like a no-obligation discussion about the advantages of giving your website a facelift, feel free to give us a call on 01283 533196 . You can see some of our latest projects on our website.