Good Brand Management Involves Housekeeping!

Good brand management recognises that brands evolve over time. Its an essential process to keep your image fresh and relevant to your current and prospective customers. However, it also ensures that unplanned and rogue changes do not creep in over time. That’s why good brand management involves some housekeeping!
What’s involved in brand housekeeping?
As your brand and company grows, more people become involved in your sales and marketing processes. Regularly review what’s being used across your organisation and check your brand message and image is consistent across your different platforms. Remember all the different customer ‘touch points’ – look at everything from packaging and store point of sale items, to sales quotation forms, social media profiles, datasheets and case studies for example as well as logos used, your website and brochures.
As part of your marketing planning, check that your brand is still connecting with your market place. Coca Cola is a good example of a brand that is aware of trends (low sugar, no sugar, green issues etc) and has evolved its packaging and product ranges to suit. It regularly assesses whether its image is appropriate and will refresh and update its branding as necessary.
Good brand management ensures that your organisation and its brand(s) stand out and that your reputation is for the reasons you want. Even large brands need to do this and in a recent Radio 4 interview, the Global Chief Executive of Citroen(skip to 12:20) shared how their falling sales made them revisit their brand and ‘go back to its roots… to being a modern, vibrant company with great design”.
Something that can really date your brand, website and literature is the style of images used. Styles of photos, like websites have in-vogue styles and trends. Advances in photography also means that it is now possible to show even the smallest intricacy and details of parts. Making sure your brand resonates with your target market. We were recently asked to review a brochure on which wasn’t being received well by a company’s target market. We quickly noticed that the style of the design and images made its target market think it had been produced in the 1970s rather than a couple of years ago! Updating the images on it and slightly changing the style to give it a fresher tone and feel was a simple and inexpensive way of giving it a makeover.

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