The customer experience – are B2B marketers up to the challenge?

Customer experience is the next competitive battleground

A recent survey showed that 80% of B2B customers base their buying decision on their experience with that company. But only 16% of B2B leaders say that the customer experience they provide is as good as the best B2C experiences.

B2B purchasing decisions are typically longer with many more levels and complexities in the decision making chain than in B2C. Even so, the assumption that buying decisions are made solely on the basis of attributes such as price, functionality/suitability, quality and reputation, are being challenged.

Customers’ expectations are higher, and it is no longer enough to provide customer care after purchase. It has been proved that the better the experience throughout a customer’s dealings with a company, the more they will spend.

So it is clearly not just the role of the marketing manager to manage the customer experience. The opportunity to improve that experience can be found at every point they come into contact with your business, so it is essential that all departments get involved in bringing a strategy into being.

Needless to say, developing a comprehensive customer experience strategy and programme requires an investment in both time and resources to implement across a business, and it needs to have senior management buy-in. In the words ofTom Knighton, “Customer experience is the next competitive battle ground. It’s where business is going to be lost or won”.

Are you up to the challenge?

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