The role of CGI in marketing

Example CGI advert design by forty49 in Burton on Trent

A lot of the brands we work with are manufacturers and to best demonstrate what a product can do, what goes into its make-up, and its features and benefits we find we turn more and more to CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

Good photography is essential. It is part of the brand and can elevate a product to new levels in the eyes of the customer. It is a vital brand booster, and a beautifully lit product forms part of the brand’s visual identity and goes a long way to demonstrate the product in its various working environments.

But when it comes to demonstrating technical aspects, CGI gives greater flexibility and results in photo-realistic imagery and video that can supersede word or sound. A piece of animated cgi automatically spans international language barriers, and can put complex, technological information across quickly in an age in which we are having to consume information in ever-shorter time spans.

So many configurations can be made up from your CGI components. Components can be created in a product’s design stage, trying out different design features, colours and the final prototype.

When it gets to marketing, the most frequent request is for CGI product x-sections and exploded 360° views which are then used in animation or stills across any platform. Really useful when a new product is in development stage and collateral is needed ahead of the market launch, or for tight marketing material deadlines.

Take things one step further, and you are creating imagery that would only normally exist in your imagination. Expanding upon visual representation by creating scenes that can be super-real, even fantastical to get attention for your brand in what is often a same-product environment; and that would otherwise cost thousands or be impossible to set up in photography.

Of course the cost savings are innumerable. No need to take the product apart, or try to carefully shoot each aspect and component, and CGI eliminates the need to transport products or for complicated set-ups in studios. Once you have your CGI assets, you have them for re-use, reworking and refining even as products are enhanced – for life.

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