Happy balanced 2017

New Year 2017 is coming concept - inscription 2017 and 2016 on a beach sand the wave is covering digits 2016. New Year 2017 celebration on New Year tropical island travel tour.

So the tinsel is now but a twinkle in the darkness of the loft, and 2017 has landed whether you wanted it to or not. Most of us have our feet firmly under our desks and envying those that still have them on a warm sandy beach.
Inevitably thoughts turn to what we’re going to do better this year, but once you do get going with new year’s resolutions, you can get quite carried away. The list of how you will improve your business, your way of working, your service offering becomes so long it can threaten to overwhelm you. And where does it leave your personal life.
Make 2017 a year of a little more balance, and perhaps consider some of the resolutions we’ve come up with below.
• Learn to delegate and do more of it.
• Promote your business regularly.
• Make planning a weekly event.
• Learn something new if you can.
• Give back to your community.
• Schedule time for you.
• Keep goals realistic. (goes back to that New Year’s Resolution list)
• Don’t make do, get new – equipment, assistance, working methods.