BREXIT – When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Brexit - when the going gets tough

At least that’s what seems to be the message here in the West Midlands. BBC Regional News last night confirmed the news we had been hearing all day. The formal process of the UK leaving the EU has begun, and business leaders in the region have begun to push for increased investment in road, rail and air to boost exports, and off-set the impact of BREXIT.

On the ground, there have been winners and some losers. Changes in the exchange rate have made some products here, more competitively priced than their counter-parts abroad, whilst some businesses have come off a little worse due to the weaker pound. This was the case for a South Birmingham advanced engineering business that also found that uncertainty resulted in the foreign firms that they work for stalling many projects, resulting in a drop in sales and a ‘laying off’ of staff.

The good news is that the West Midlands economy is not performing too badly, according to Paul Forrest of West Midlands Economic Forum, with some of the less fortunate manufacturers feeling that it is just a time to put more effort into creating more enquiries so that they can make the conversion to new work. According to Matthew Hammond of Price Waterhouse Coopers, ‘the opportunity is to look more widely afield and internationally for opportunities.

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