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  Manufacturing or highly technical products are not always easy to explain, especially new innovations, which is why, more than ever, technical and marketing teams should work together. Marketers in manufacturing and technical services face the challenge of providing a structure in which the technical, brand and sales teams work harmoniously together. Technical understand the […]

Rebranding and design


  I met a young entrepreneur the other day to discuss requirements he had for rebranding his small chain of retail outlets. He had done his homework and knew his sector inside-out and was ready for the next stage of expansion. He had a vision, and as anybody in his position would be, extremely excited […]

BREXIT – When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Brexit - when the going gets tough

At least that’s what seems to be the message here in the West Midlands. BBC Regional News last night confirmed the news we had been hearing all day. The formal process of the UK leaving the EU has begun, and business leaders in the region have begun to push for increased investment in road, rail […]

The role of CGI in marketing

Example CGI advert design by forty49 in Burton on Trent

A lot of the brands we work with are manufacturers and to best demonstrate what a product can do, what goes into its make-up, and its features and benefits we find we turn more and more to CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). Good photography is essential. It is part of the brand and can elevate a […]

The customer experience – are B2B marketers up to the challenge?

Customer experience is the next competitive battleground

A recent survey showed that 80% of B2B customers base their buying decision on their experience with that company. But only 16% of B2B leaders say that the customer experience they provide is as good as the best B2C experiences. B2B purchasing decisions are typically longer with many more levels and complexities in the decision […]

New marketing campaign for Brown and Holmes is now in full swing! Forty49 are covering all advertising and main stream press for the company, supporting web updates and populating their website.We are currently running Brown and Holmes’ email campaign which is already gaining good traction. Hannah Sookias from Sookias Media is also on board covering […]