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Good Brand Management Involves Housekeeping!


Good brand management recognises that brands evolve over time. Its an essential process to keep your image fresh and relevant to your current and prospective customers. However, it also ensures that unplanned and rogue changes do not creep in over time. That’s why good brand management involves some housekeeping! What’s involved in brand housekeeping? Consistency […]

We all love an upgrade

Forty49 loves and upgrade

The latest mobile phone, a better seat on the plane, a new model of car, the latest tablet, even a larger skinny mocha latte. We all love an upgrade! Most of the time theyre priced pretty right too, because for a bit extra, you get a WHOLE lot more. When it comes to an upgrade […]

Photography: a real brand booster

Forty49 professional photography

Good photography is one of the strongest drivers in elevating your brand. Our vision is our strongest sense, so its going to make the most impact on us, and we are more likely to respond to it than most other forms of communication. Great images give us the information to form an opinion about a […]

Creatives: Get out more!

Forty49 creatives handbook

Struggling to get creative? Have creative block? forty49’s Client Services & Media Manager, Karen Selby shares her top tips for getting creative ideas to flow and avoiding creative brick wall: Whilst I am speaking from the experience of having been a freelance creative, the importance of some external stimulation to get the creative juices flowing […]

Why (and how) you should trust your advertising and design agency!

Forty49 client relationships

Marketing, ad and design agencies all have a vested interest in seeing that their clients are successful. This is a visual, competitive and increasingly results-driven industry, and agencies will be judged by themselves and their peers on the work that they do. They will sell themselves on that work, and will be hoping for referrals, […]

Website update?… And refresh!


Recently, we have had a number of clients extremely puzzled by not being able to see the front end results on websites that they have had redeveloped or amended. It is more often than not because their caching system is caching content so that the site can run faster. i.e. We often hear the sentence […]

Developing membership engagement

BAMA members

Forty49 has been working closely now with the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) to build and create an interactive members forum. This facility has now gone live and is for the exclusive use of BAMA members to engage in industry topics, read bulletins, get up to date on legislation and see current events, training courses […]

Humour sells

amazon prime ad_blog

 This Amazon Prime advert is a good reminder that used in the right way, humour sells.It features a little horse who feels lonely in a field with all the big horses – luckily, his owner comes to the rescue with a clever purchase. It’s a lovely way to use an analogy to sell products online […]

International Women’s Day 2016

Forty49 United Nations posters

As we discussed this year’s International Women’s Day in the forty49 office, Richard Barry shared this award-winning advert he designed in 1995 when working in South Africa. His agency, Jeremy Sampson Associates (a division of Interbrand) were commissioned to design a whole range of items to celebrate South African women being invited for the first […]

Euro football promotion success in France

Conex Banninger Euro 2016 promotion

Forty49 has been working on a Euro 2016 football promotion with the French marketing team at Conex Banninger. Aimed at the French merchants, the project consisted of 2 emailers, posters, in-box vouchers, web pages and promotional boxes. The campaign is in full swing now and the feedback very positive and the buy-in from French merchants […]

New website for BAMA

Forty49 design new BAMA website

Forty49 is very pleased to announce the revised and refresh look for the BAMA |British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association website. Since we built the website a couple of years ago, there’s been a change in website trends to cleaner, 2d looks – one that we believe has been influenced by the revival of ‘flat graphics’ online. […]

Great marketing – it’s all in the detail!

Great Marketing at Forty49

The single most important ingredient underpinning all great marketing is the brief. Getting everything in one place, having thought through the intention, the messaging, desired objective, budget, timing and logistics saves enormous amounts of time and ultimately, your budget. In other words, you’ll have better results! The benefits of marketing briefs The benefits of a […]