Common Sense believes that you should live life to its full potential, free from financial anxiety. They do this by showing clients how their lives and finances are linked. They focus on what really matters to you and then make sure that your life path and finances are aligned to your dreams.


The client felt that the way to get across the importance of their service to their clients was to look at their financial needs in terms of a time line of their life, and the different needs they would have along the way. They wanted a way of demonstrating that online, and through a sales pack for exclusive, one-to-one meetings with potential clients.


The design of their sales pack demonstrated to customers that life is a staged journey during which they will have different needs and shows how to achieve those goals and make the future less scary. This complemented the software that Common Sense used to help their clients plan their investments. It also gave the team all the tools they needed to help their clients reach a decision.

Visual imagery included both ordinary, quirky and extreme goals that people may have in life and copy utilised the life journey analogy.


Visual Identity

the emotive imagery used throughout gave the new visual identity an open and friendly look, and was extended to the new responsive website we developed, as well as stationery that utilized the emotive ‘goal’ visuals on the reverse side of the business cards.