We have worked with the IBP group from before our business began and have a unique understanding of the group's products and services. IBP Group brands are Conex Bänninger, a global plumbing fittings manufacturer, and Masterflow, a quality plumbing solutions supplier.

We are involved in many of IBP Group’s marketing activities, predominantly for Conex Bänninger, including websites, SEO, design & print materials including brochures both sales and technical, corporate brochures, POS, promotions, advertising, exhibitions amongst others.

The Conex Bänninger brand story

We have been working with Conex Bänninger for a number of years, which has given us the opportunity to develop a completely new brand hierarchy, brand guidelines and corporate communications.


Brand Identity

The Task

Forty 49 were tasked with addressing the problem the group had with having a wide range of products each with their own brand identity but being sold, in many cases, in the same market with no unifying identity. The opportunities for customers to see the full range or what other products the business had in its portfolio was often lost. Values from one product brand were not automatically ceded to another brand in the stable, so historical value was being lost too. There was also confusion about where in the hierarchy the IBP brand should fit.

The Solution

Research into the brands across the European markets that they operated in at the time, revealed 2 brands that had stood the test of time, and had the most traction in the market place; Conex in the UK, and Bänninger in Europe. 
The decision was taken to create the umbrella brand Conex Bänninger, and then align the product brands under it, whilst unifying them with the same visual identity treatment, using colours that had significance for both markets in the correct proportions.



The branding was rolled out to all markets through the set of brand guidelines we developed, and through a staged process has been utilised for stationery, websites, packaging, brochures, exhibitions, livery, signage, advertising and intranet, with guidance for visual devices.
A separate identity document was also developed for the IBP brand, which, as part of the process, became the umbrellas brand for the Group.