We have come to understand the unique benefits of this client's product offering. Having that knowledge at your finger-tips has helped us anticipate requirements during the development not only their website, but product range materials for both technical information and sales tools, as well as a myriad of marketing materials for both digital and print, across the many languages used by their customers. 



Advertising campaign

A recent advertising campaign made the product the hero, pinpointing each of the 24+ products’ unique selling points. This demonstrated each product’s value at a glance. The campaign was designed to open up the range to customers who may have historically bought only one type of product. Compelling CGI imagery conveyed the product’s function and environment, creating a unique campaign in the plumbing world. Specific media placement boosted the product’s relevance to a given market i.e. medical supplements for medical gas fitting advertising.


The website, although now back in development, was created to provide a much needed product search tool, update users on latest technologies, news and provide access to downloads. It was designed to be used across all the markets it serves, in each given language. 


Print literature

It is important for Conex Bänninger to have a wide range of literature available, in print as well as online

From technical information, installation guides, sales brochures, case studies and specification brochures that will focus on key products for a specific market,
it helps that we have a good understanding of what each product is capable of,
the materials used, what markets they are used in and by whom, so that we can best present them.


Exhibitions are a large part of Conex Bänninger’s activity, showcasing products in different markets across the world.
A timeline, telling the story of the company’s development is part of the brand’s DNA.
This was recently designed as a piece of wall sculpture that built added interest into the show.

POS supports Conex Bänninger products through their many distributors whilst promotions fuel specific product drives in the merchants.


Forty 49 have provided competitive support to IBP over several successful years. They have contributed to both UK marketing communications
and corporate branding at an international level. Their company and product knowledge is invaluable, and their quality of work and attention
to detail is impressive and always supplied in a professional manner.