Hydrus develop unique wastewater treatments and systems, and environmentally friendly commercial and industrial cleaning solutions. Sometimes quite complex explanations have to be pared down to clear and simple benefit statements for the target market.

Explaining how an anaerobic digestate treatment works online

Hydrus’ unique anaerobic digestate treatment extracts nutrient rich components for use in fertilisers, and micro-filtered water, whilst reducing waste that would otherwise be landfill. The new website needed to convey the benefits of their leading technical solutions, as well as the expertise of the team, clearly and quickly.


The Task

It is a solution that typically saves Hydrus clients up to £500 000 per annum. But there is a fair amount to understand from a technical point of view, and you want to demonstrate just enough of the initial benefits without overwhelming potential enquirers. 

The solution

CGI seemed the most flexible way in which to demonstrate the different stages that the digestate went through in a Hydrus plant, so working with the Hydrus team we came up with a step by step process diagram to be used on the website that later became an easy to use sales tool in brochures and at exhibition stands. The online tool allowed users access to further detailed information, as they needed it.

As the new website we developed, other clever solutions were showcased and further explained through case studies.