The task

The Lowe & Fletcher Locking Systems Division market their locks by type; Wooden Furniture, Metal Furniture, Lockers, Postal and so on, as well as by type. For these product brochures how could we best demonstrate the myriad of lock choices Lowe & Fletcher had to offer each market, in one visual story?

The solution

We took the step of using cgi to create a complete room set containing the furniture that would give us the opportunity to showcase each kind of lock within the range. This room is not one that we would have been able to set up as a photographic shoot as specific furniture that would best showcase the locks on offer was added in the cgi image. Locations and furniture hire as well as styling would have made photography very expensive. The added bonus was that once the cgi work was done on the room set and the locks, the artwork could be used in a myriad of other media. 

We have carried the cgi device through to the other product brochures, and, can in the future become an interactive part of the website.


"...the brochures certainly have a ‘WOW’ factor and, if I say so myself, are far better than anything we’ve seen from the divisions so far..."
Group Marketing Co-ordinator

"...the showreel used at the show was very good and well received. Our divisional colleagues are delighted." 
Group Marketing Director