SIG Building Solutions comprises of 4 businesses in the construction sector, namely Steadmans, Trimform, United Roofing Products and Advanced Cladding. They provide own-manufactured paneling and roofing, as well as all the accessories and know-how required to complete an agricultural or steel building.

We have worked with this group of companies for just over 2 years, providing marketing support in the design and execution of literature, websites, eMarketing campaigns, SEO and new branding exercises.



The task

Well recognized in the UK construction market, Steadmans' literature had become dated and had focused solely on the technical detail which neglected the need to 'sell' the product. 

The Steadmans brochure design had become a little dated and needed to reflect the diversity of use of building cladding today. Bright, vibrant, strong imagery was used on the covers with cleaner lines in design. 



Forty 49 became involved with the group initially by devising a consistent platform across all 4 websites. The Trimform website especially needed a complete content overhaul, which was highly technical and involved us working with one of the Trimform team. The new website design was simpler and much easier to navigate, making it easier for users to find the information they needed. 

Once the Trimform website was established, Forty 49 supported the business in producing product brochures, and an eMarketing campaign that promoted certain product groupings. All materials now had a cohesive identity. The next task was to build up a bank of case studies following the same format which were posted online and used as sales tools.